Over 25 years of experience
in excavator and loader attachments

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Why choose FAMO?

Over the past 25 years, we have developed a dependable range of heavy equipment tools that you can rely on to provide a smooth road to success in your industry. We have dug deep into the mining and construction industry to create products that are both efficient and practical for even the most challenging tasks. We are proud to be an independent European manufacturer, using the latest in technology and design to meet tight deadlines and individual needs. Drawing from our breadth of experience in supporting our clients across a range of scenarios, we provide a 1-year warranty for all our non-wearable parts and unlimited product support.

Quarter-century experience
European manufacturer
Short delivery time
Fully independent business
Customizable design

Excavator attachments

We manufacture standard and custom excavator buckets for excavators weighing between 0.5 and 80 tons, meeting the needs of the mining and construction industry.

  • Universal bucket

    Thanks to its narrowing design, it is ideal for use on construction sites as the bucket fits easily to the side of the building.

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  • Quick Coupler

    Multifunctional tool enabling the usage of several different attachment on the same machine with significant amounts of time saved. The bucket change process can be reduced to only a couple of minutes from an hour.

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  • Trapezoid bucket

    The trapezoid bucket is perfect for creating ditches without the need of further refinment.

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  • Ditch cleaning bucket

    Developed for creating drainage trenches and ditches.

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  • Ripper tooth

    The Ripper tooth is as important for smaller machines as it is for crawler excavators. Use this part to rip up or loosen up frozen soil or rocks.

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  • Excavator bucket over 12 tons

    This bucket is your best bet when it comes to extremes. Buckets over 12 tons can be customized to withstand any kind of extreme wear and provide the structural strength you need. This bucket is perfect for a wide range of tasks from general digging to extraordinary loads.

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  • Excavator bucket - MINI - MIDI

    Our MINI and MIDI sized buckets are compatible with excavators up to 12 tons. All buckets are reinforced so they can handle heavy loads, delivering maximum strength.

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Loader attachments

Browse among our loader bucket, fork and quick coupler sortiment!

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  • Loading bucket

    Suitable for a wide range of loading activities, ranging from loading bulk materials to rocky materials.

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  • Pallet forks

    Device for loading pallets in warehouses, and for moving concrete elements in case of larger machines.

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    Quick coupler

    A multifunctional, time-efficient tool that allows the usage of multiple attachments on the same machine. It can reduce an hour-long attachment change to less than a minute.

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Agricultural equipment

Leveraging our industrial experience, we also manufacture tools for agricultural purposes. When designing our agricultural product range, we focused on tools that enable us to perform very specific tasks in the most efficient way possible.

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  • Lightweight spoon

    Device for loading bulk materials with a density of up to 800 kg / m3. We offer spoons of 1.5 to 5 m3 capacity for boom front loader machines and 3 to 7 m3 capacity for front loader machines.

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  • Hydraulic manure fork

    A tool designed to efficiently move large amounts of manure, straw or other fertile agricultural crops.

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  • Bale fork

    Ideal tool for agricultural businesses for the bale management process.

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Stable background behind all our products

We accompany our prouducts along their entire life cycle.

Parts Repair Warranty Quality

Wear plates

We have extensive experience in machining abrasion-resistant plates, which are also the raw materials for our buckets, and we have the right machineries. Our infrastructure, know-how and stockpiles provide outstanding value to our customers in the processing or purchase of wear-resistant plates.

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