Our history


Famo is a 100% family-owned Hungarian independent company. Since its foundation in 1991 it has been an integral part of the national heavy machine industry.

We started our operations by trading equipment parts. However, since 2002 our main focus has shifted towards manufacturing parts, attachments and components for earthwork and mining equipment.

In 2006, we moved our production to the Csepel Industrial Park.

Our plant is only 7 kms away from the M0 high way and can be easily accessed from any direction.

All our production, warehouse and R&D unit are located on the same site, which enables us to process incoming orders very quickly.

We have developed a “One Stop Shop” operation over the years, meaning that beside supplying the parts and attachments, we manufacture custom wear plates for the machine, as well.

FAMO during the years

Some pictures of the milestones of Famo about our journey to establishing a business and manufacturing our own parts.

Manufacturing weart parts for Weimar T-174

Our company moved its operations from Debrecen to Budapest where we rented a 400m² workshop in the former Csepel Works, a very industrial area.

Due to our growth, we moved to another major workshop of 1000 m². When we first opened the gate, we felt like we couldn’t see the other end of the shop.

Taking our photo in a mine in a spoon manufactured by us

We have expanded further. For storage of spoon teeth, cutting edges, finished products we have created a 600 m² covered warehouse.

We have obtained a press brake with a 400 ton bending force of 4100 mm bending length, which further extends our services.

We have implemented a MiniCRM – customer relationship management – system in 2018, enabling precise customer order tracking. The application has not only made our processes more predictable but also faster and flexible. Our sales force can now provide you with accurate updates on your orders.


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