Excavator bucket over 12 tons

Product features

  • 500 HB cutting edge
  • CombiParts® Swedish teeth
  • Gradually narrowing bucket to enable easy intrusion.
  • Wear strips on the back of the bucket
  • Custom reinforcements available
  • Wear plates can be ordered separately.

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Recommended for:
This bucket is your best bet when it comes to extremes. Buckets over 12 tons can be customized to withstand any kind of extreme wear and provide the structural strength you need. This bucket is perfect for a wide range of tasks from general digging to extraordinary loads.

Available models


Wear resistance

4 / 12


5 / 12

Speed of attachment

6 / 12

Recommended for general earth-work. Made of premium reinforced steel.


Wear resistance

8 / 12


7 / 12

Speed of attachment

3 / 12

All parts of the bucket body that are exposed to extreme abrasion – such as the cutting edge, side edges, side plate, protective steel strips on the outer surface – are made of a special abrasion resistant material.


Wear resistance

10 / 12


9 / 12

Speed of attachment

2 / 12

All parts exposed to abrasion are made of a wear-resistant material, resulting in much greater structural strength. The bucket is manufactured with an increased material thickness and is equipped with reinforced large teeth. It can also be customized with several wear prevention elements.


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