Cutting edges

Cutting edge manufacturing

Cutting edges cannot only be ordered from our catalogs, but also customized to any individual requirement. We are proud to be able to comply with any custom specifications (custom size or custom features) for cutting edges that we can manufacture at a reasonable price. Our cutting edges are made of wear-resistant steel or hard-wearing sheet. We also have a wide range of rolled cutting edges in stock.

Should you need a custom size, cutting edges can be manufactured of wear-resistant plate. We work with prefabricated single-edged or double-edged cutting edges that are drilled and lowered. We can also make square holes for screws.


Standard cutting edges

Single- or double-edged

Heat-treated, 500HB hardened single-edged and 500HB double-edged cutting edges are available from stock, with the upper edge having the same hardness. Our outstanding stock in Eastern Europe allows us to provide fast delivery. Upon request, we outsource delivery to a partner logistics company to assure reliable and extremely fast service within 24 hours. It can also be ordered with a hardness of 250HB or 400HB. We always cut the cutting edge to size and create holes for screws if needed.

“Half arrow” profile

This profile is made of high-quality, weldable Swedish rolled steel. The 500HB hardness provides extraordinary wear resistance that protects the main cutting edge and preserves the penetration of the spoon.

Wear strips

We use it to manufacture or renew spoons. Improves structural strength and prevents abrasion of the spatula. Multiple sizes, 500 HB hardness. Cut to size. Delivery within 24 hours.


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