We carry a wide range range of wear parts for excavators and loaders. Despite having the largest stock of earthmoving machine parts, we manufacture customized parts to fit special needs. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we have seen every typical wear and tear problem and came up with a long-lasting solution for every issue. Our goal is to create cost-efficient, reliable tools for our customers to help them become the best in their field of work.

Bucket teeth

Choosing the right teeth is of crucial importance, as it is the most important factor influencing the efficiency of the operation.

Our teeth sortiment

Cutting edge

The cutting edge gets the biggest wear on the spoon. Its purpose is to reduce the wear and increase the life span of the body.

Our Cutting edge sortiment


Manufactured in hardened designs, based on drawings or samples.

Abrasion prevention

Exceptional hardness of the surface protection elements can significantly increase the life span of the spoon. It provides a viable solution for extreme wear problems. It is especially recommended to use extra wear parts in the case of high-value spoons.

Lifting hook

Ideal for excavators and loaders for lifting parts with straps or chains, shutters, or for moving construction materials.

Forklift forks

CE certified, 800-2400 mm in length, and available in custom design as well.


We offer a wide range of screws for applying cutting edges.


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