Loading bucket

Product features

  • 500 HB cutting edge
  • Wide range of available sizes
  • Mountable tooth or screwable wear strip
  • Reorderable wear parts
  • Special 4 in 1 openable, high dump and wheel loader models


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Recommended for:
Suitable for a wide range of loading activities, ranging from loading bulk materials to rocky materials. Beside the standard product version, high-dump, multifunctional and wheel loader models are also available. While the standard bucket is ideal for general purpose loading, the 4 in 1 model can be used for leveling, dosing and gripping larger objects,a s well. Opt for the hydraulic version if the project requires dumping from higher than usual. Wheel loader buckets are available in several sizes and can be equipped with teeth and wear plates.

Available models


Suitable for general loading. Optionally equipped with tooth. In case of loading loose materials, we recommend attachhing a wear strip.



The multifunctional, 4 in 1 model is ideal for a variety of purposes: loading, soil leveling, dosing - grounding, gripping larger elements (eg pipe, concrete block).


High dump

Hydraulic cylinders can be lifted high, and thanks to the extra tilt angle, you can excel in this position.


Wheel loader

Designed to fit the requirements of sliding wheel machines. Available in a variety of width. Customizable with teeth or screwable wear strips.


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